Planting potatoes, Kiku, Peru, 1964


Andean Textiles

"Hidden Threads of Peru: Q'ero Textiles" (Hugh Merrell pub) Feb 2002

Q'ero Textiles at the Textile Museum, Washington DC March-Aug 2002 (opening March 22)

writings about Andean Textiles
MFA Thesis, "Contemporary Weaving of the Peruvian Indians," Yale Univ. 1957 (unpublished) Copies at Yale, American Museum of Natural History (Junius Bird Archive), and the Textile Museum, Washington, DC.

"Q'eros: a Study in Survival", Natural History Magazine 1957

film about textiles
Peruvian Weaving: A Continuous Warp for 5000 Years

Q'ero textiles at the American Museum of Natural History
Peruvian Weavings at the Textile Museum, Washington, DC

Andean Music

Mountain Music of Peru Vol. 1 & 2, Smithsoniuan Folkways
Your Struggle Is Your Glory, Arhoolie Records
Huayno Music of Peru Vol. 1 & 2, Arhoolie
From The Mountains to the Sea, Music of Peru, Arhoolie

"Music of Q'eros" in Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, The Americas

The Inca Conquest of AM Radio: Peru's Huayno Music, manuscript (unpublished)

Q'eros: The Shape of Survival
Mountain Music of Peru
Choqela: Only Interpretation
Dancing with the Incas
Carnival in Q'eros