You are right John Cohen-quazimoto was right-mozart was right…there is no eye-there is only a series of mouths-long live the mouths…your rooftop-if you don't already know-has been demolished…."
-Bob Dylan




Publications released since 2002

"The High and Lonesome Sound" Steidl, 2012

"Past, Present, Peru" Steidl, 2010

“Young Bob” John Cohen’s early photographs of Bob Dylan,” powerHouse books, 2002

“There Is No Eye” second edition with statement by Patti Smith, powerHouse books 2002

“The Shape of Survival” Steven Daiter Gallery catalog, vintage Peru images from 1957 exhibit at “Limelight Gallery”

Photos published in “Hip: A History” by John Leland

Photos published in “New Art World” by Jed Perl

B&W, magazine for collectors of fine photography

There Is No Eye: John Cohen Photographs

powerHouse Books
Clothbound, 8.125 x 11.125 inches,
200 pages, 127 duotone and 39 four-color photographs
ISBN: 1-57687-107-X

"Be it in the Peruvian Andes, Kentucky bluegrass country, the Gospel churches of Brooklyn, or in Greenwich Village with Bob Dylan and the Beat Generation, John Cohen's vision transcends history, even when it distills the spirit of a period and a place. There Is No Eye, Cohen's first monograph, is a guided tour of the worlds of outsider artists, poets, and musicians. Cohen's lyrical stories of the cultures encountered cap his stirring, quiet photographs taken over the past five decades."
-powerHouse catalog, fall 2001

Includes photographs of Robert Frank, Red Grooms, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Roscoe Holcomb, Doc Watson, Muddy Waters, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, The Stanley Brothers, Bill Monroe, and Bob Dylan, among others.

"You can look at John Cohen's book and see through very familiar eyes: the New York City eyes of Helen Levitt and Walker Evans, Evans' country eyes, the highway eyes of Robert Frank, even Margaret Bourke-White's doubting eyes in Holiness churches….John Cohen's argument is that the picture exists outside of the photographer's intentions, or even his desires….Up against these eyeless pictures, those of Evans, Frank, Levitt, and Bourke-White can seem almost propagandistic. That is, they make arguments; you are aware that the photographer wants to tell you something, to convince you of something, to accept a certain point of view. Here there is no point of view. There is something else; I don't know what to call it, so I won't try."
-Greil Marcus

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